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Hoonigan Racing
Ken Block and I go way back, further than we care to mention. So I will stick to the facts (recent) facts. Ken hit-up Creative Deployment about rebuilding the Hoonigan Racing site in mid December. Needless to say we were honored, this is not the first project we have worked on together and we love working with them.
In our first meeting with Hoonigan Racing we quickly discovered they were not happy with the CMS that the existing Drupal site had to offer. Publishing even a simple blog post included to many steps and took far to long.
Once we discovered the exact issues they were having, we suggested Webcube. Webcube is eCommerce, CMS, Mobile and Social all built into one stable and a fully managed cloud solution, not to mention intuitive and easy to use.
The end result is a creative, easy to use site that Hoonigan Racing is proud of and more importantly will fuel there growth for years to come!
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