Bucky Lasek



Web Design + Development + Maintenance

Becoming the number one vert skater in the World is no easy feat. In his years as a professional skateboarder, Bucky Lasek has surpassed some of the most notable names in action sports to claim this title. But for Bucky, it is just another page in the story of this incredibly talented skater’s life.
Bucky has had many sites designed and built for him over the years, all with the same outcome. They were far to cumbersome for him to update with his busy schedule.
After a full day of competing in multiple disciplines at X Games the last thing anyone would want to do is sit down at a computer, login to a clumsy CMS (Content Management System) and create blog posts, write stories and upload photos or videos.
As we sat down and designed Bucky’s new site, we knew that it had to be simple for him, and simple is what we delivered. All Bucky has to do is Tweet and Instagram away as he always does and his new site is automatically updated every time he does. He can also add photos and videos directly from his smart phone.
The end result is that Bucky loves his new site and its ease of use. In addition his legions of faithful fans are kept up to date on Bucky’s life and career.
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